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After years of research and clinical practice I would like to present my findings and experiences to science and the general public.
This is a subject that has no official language, is hotly disputed, but is still taught in all cultures under numerous images and symbols.
It is the knowledge or belief in an energetic reality, a reality which we can tap into via different means and practices.

I claim there is an energetic/ electromagnetic and quantum field reality which can be physically experienced by the majority of human kind. I call this “Quantum Reality”. The energy I term “Xi”. Xi is a key to experiencing life through electro sensitivity.
The way I explain or formulate myself is inaccurate in scientific terms and often contrary to established wisdom. The language of Xi can only be learned safely and accurately through physical sensations which in turn create a widening gulf between what a person thinks and believes and what is actually physically felt.
How does one translate what is physically felt into what these sensations actually mean?
When we start to experience the benefits of electro sensitivity we also start feeling the effects of electro smog from many of our electronic gadgets i.e our cell phones, laptops, i-pads etc.
These sensations and experiences in electro sensitivity are what help us to make better choices for ourselves, our loved ones and for society.
Human electro sensitive potential is one of the greatest gifts that we have been blessed with.
Trond Aaronsen.

Trond Aaronsen was born in the Land of the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway.

Always an original thinker, he found school difficult. Throughout his youth he had studied the martial arts, and years later he developed his own style, that he named Moxite.

Through the application of martial Moxite he began to develop the other half of the whole, the healing Moxite. He discovered that the healing energy he produced through his hands and eyes could be used to help virtually any condition or disease, but in addition to this he could draw a complete new type of grid and lattice system of the body that showed exact points of energy stress and trauma in each individual. By applying pressure to these points of blockage they could be released, thus boosting the whole healing process tremendously.

Trond found that the application of Moxite not only affected a person on a physical level but also instinctually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, in effect providing a pathway for holistic human development and potential.

When an individual studies and practices Moxite he or she discovers that in fact there are no limits to its wider application to any part of life, be it in the classroom or the boardroom, the sickbed or the sports stadium.

In addition to his healing and teaching work, Trond has developed energy patches called Magic Patch.

Magic Patch is a new and novel approach to self healing. This unique plaster contains powerful healing frequencies which help to protect and repair our health.

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