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Cell Phone Studies – a personal opinion

[Or: the art of asking and answering the wrong questions and selling it as science.]

A recent Danish cell phone study which took place over seventeen years with 358,403 participants came to the conclusion that cell phones do not seem to increase the risk of brain tumors.

I believe that this is most certainly the wrong conclusion as nothing in the universe works in isolation or independently of everything else, certainly not radiation.

To me, as a hypersensitive carrying a cell phone 24/7 is like carrying a hand gun cocked and loaded with the safety catch off; it will shoot you in the foot now and then.

May I suggest a different approach to the problem by studying the effects of the following:

1. Cell phone radiation on micro organisms in the body [including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites].

2. The effect of cell phone radiation on chemicals in the body.

There are currently more than 90,000 chemicals in use. 1000 to 1500 new chemicals are added every year. Reportedly there are between 30,000 to 50,000 chemicals found in our body’s which did not exist a few generations ago.

3. The effect of cell phone radiation on metals in everyday use [including jewellery, metal framed spectacles, metal wires in bras, zips, buttons, belt buckles,  amalgam fillings, and metal used in surgeries such as screws, plates etc.

4.  The effect of cell phone radiation on air pollutants and air born allergens including car omissions, industrial omissions, pollen, dust and water vapor.

5.  The effect of cell phone radiation on medicines such as pain killers, vaccines, antibiotics, statins, and psychiatric drugs.


Add to this list all manmade magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment which emit non ionizing radiation both above and below ground, and in the sea, and then take into account the thousands of satellites whizzing around the Earth and it becomes a very disturbing picture.

How come we have laws based on milligauss per cm square which have little to do with biological sensitivity to radiation?

How come we have a whole radiation protection industry when according to the experts there is no problem?

How come no one seems to be aware of the effects of battery powered watches on the body?

How come we can pull people backwards with a cell phone from a distance of many meters?

How come many children and adults can physically feel cell phone radiation?

How come we are advised to use earphones, speaker, or texting if there is no problem?

How come some people who are electro hyper sensitive are put on psychiatric medication?

I could go on but have you ever considered that electromagnetic pollution could be a contributing factor to global warming?


We urgently need some electro sensibility.

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