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Electro Sensitivity

Electro Sensitivity [ES]: fact or fantasy?

Let’s get this straight we are all electro sensitive if we can physically feel it or not! Radiation from numerous sources is part and parcel of everyday life.  Actually we couldn’t live without it.

Electromagnetic energy is the elemental energy on which all organisms depend.

[Dr. Werner Haisenberg]


Consciousness.           Physical reality.             Electro sensitivity.

I am still trying to get the scientific community to wake up to Bio electromagnetism and its many possible applications .When is science going to be ready to holistically investigate some of the fundamental questions of the nature of reality?

My contribution is to consciousness and electro sensitivity; energy medicine and frequency coherence testing; human holistic potential and other practical applications.

We are all ES, Children especially so. It is like learning a new language through the senses.     A physical ability to feel radiation (energy) from virtually anything. Technology, mineral, vegetable and animal. This is our bio electric potential translated (felt) through electro dermal effects and sensations.

There are four basic sensations. “Positive”, “negative”, “neutral” and “false positive”. It is also a connection between many esoteric, parapsychology and mystical teachings including the Kabbalah. To me it is the biggest secret never told, and some will do anything to keep it hidden.

Science can explore this paradigm which has the potential to change the way we perceive, experience and adapt to what reality is and what it contains. If ES can be scientifically validated, practically applied and efficiently taught, we are facing a shift in consciousness of seismic proportions.

There is no reason in believing or disbelieving in something that can be experienced, applied, communicated, measured and proven.

Trond Aaronsen


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